29 January 2010

Palm Pre Development

With the release of Palm's online development IDE for the Palm webOS, the Ares Project, I couldn't help but be drawn to do a little quick webOS development.  What I found was amazing.

Development for the Palm webOS is really, really easy.  Like stupidly easy -- and if you're a web developer, it's even easier.

Trust me -- open an account, take a look at the first tutorial, grab the SDK and virtual machine (it's like a little Palm Pre, just for you), and have fun!

I performed a few modifications to the code that Palm provided for their tutorial -- it was a basic app that searched for photos on Flickr, displayed them in a list, and then allowed you to view each photo, one at a time.

I changed it around a little bit to:

1) show each photo, but also allow you to flick left and right to navigate between the photos in the result se

2) have a counter at the top, showing you which photo you were on

3) allow you to also "tap" each photo to go to the next one in the result set

4) hit Enter to search (on the Palm keypad, I'm guessing) when you're on the initial search screen.

Here's a link to the final .ipk file (Palm's webOS packaging, I'm guessing): http://www.filefront.com/15455695/com.mycompany.flickrsearch_1.0.0_all.ipk.zip

There's no licensing for it, as it wasn't my code to begin with. :P  Just import it right into Ares, and take a look around.

14 January 2010

Google Docs Forms - Why was I not told of this?

First, take a look at the picture above.  Wow, an easy, information-storing, web-based form editor?  That's pretty neat -- kinda useless without a backend to support it, though, right?  Right?

...and it looks like the backend is automatic.  The form is loaded up, and the data is automatically collected and stored in a Google Spreadsheet.  Simple as that.

Google's apparently trying to put me out of a job. :P