04 June 2010

New Link Posts courtesy of Google Bookmarks

With the demise of the Google Notebook extension for Firefox, I've had to start collecting up interesting posts I found via another Google tool -- Google Bookmarks

While Google Notebook could be used for all sorts of things, all I ever used it for, mostly, was just collecting bookmarks: pages and articles that I found across the web that were interesting enough to share with readers, but not necessarily important enough to bookmark locally in my browser (where I'd put links that I would keep going back to everyday, etc.).  I'd collect them in a Notebook, and then export it to HTML and post it here.

Google Bookmarks does about everything I wanted in Google Notebook -- it collects lists of bookmarks.  I guess I should be happy, really -- about the only thing I miss is the ability to quickly export a "list" to HTML so that I can post it quickly here. 

As is, I'll have to settle for Google Bookmark's "publishing" feature:

Google Bookmarks for May 2010

It'll have to do!  Luckily, I can make it public, like so, and anybody can read it.

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