28 April 2010

Hitting close at home

Just saw today on Ed Brill's blog about a few remarks made by the TwiT folks in regards to Lotus Notes!  Sadly, though, the remarks were the usual 90's-era Notes complaints:

"The UI is ugly."

"Who uses that?"

I actually really like and respect the Twit guys, and try to catch their podcasts every chance I get (I apparently missed this episode in question, though).

I encounter this stuff all the time -- if it isn't constant insults from users at Slashdot, it's little inside jokes like this (see if you can find it).  The worst insult was the one that Notes was "even worse than Exchange" -- sorry, no!  I've used both, and Exchange is worse, and that's not just bias, either.

Luckily, Jeff Jarvis redeems himself in this post at this blog from yesterday:
Now as for Lotus: In their office, Jeff Schick and a colleague generously spent a few hours giving me a tour of what they can do. I'll concede: It's impressive. What impressed me is that IBM integrated the functions of the collaborative, social internet -- email, Twitter, wikis, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Connect, directories, blogs, calendars, Skype, bookmarks, tagging -- in a way that I wish they would all interroperate: click on a name and get everything about them (contact, place, tags, bookmarks); pull together people in calls or calendars just by dragging them; see how people are sharing your documents; see how people are connected.... 
Looks like I'll have to keep checking back at the weekly TWIG podcast to see if they mention this matter again. ;)


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