14 January 2010

Google Docs Forms - Why was I not told of this?

First, take a look at the picture above.  Wow, an easy, information-storing, web-based form editor?  That's pretty neat -- kinda useless without a backend to support it, though, right?  Right?

...and it looks like the backend is automatic.  The form is loaded up, and the data is automatically collected and stored in a Google Spreadsheet.  Simple as that.

Google's apparently trying to put me out of a job. :P


  1. Sounds like they may be doing something similar to Rails. Form drives data structure automatically. Cool stuff. Yes - Google is trying to put all of us out of a job!

  2. Yeah, this has been around for a while. They've done a really nice job with it. Especially with the new expansion of file size limitations for Docs, I think more and more things will get moved over there.

  3. Driving data structure from forms? Oh, IBM's Domino has been doing that for ages. ;)