11 August 2009

Canonical Certifies IBM Lotus Symphony for Ubuntu Repositories

Lotus Symphony wiki

Well, good job IBM! Bout damn time -- not only did it show up right away in the repositories, but it even updated the older Symphony 1.2 installation that I had installed earlier.

One problem, though -- when I initially tried to open Symphony 1.3, the program exited without doing anything. Wondering what was going on, I typed "symphony" from the command line to see, and it was apparently IBM's text-based EULA for Symphony that was failing to show up, and thus not allowing Symphony to start.

IBM really, really needs to change that text-based EULA into something else. :P

06 August 2009

ExtJS 2.0 Extensions and Plugins, the Movie

Well, the book. Apparently I'm now writing one about this. Wondering if I should be permitted to -- not that I'm a novice about the subject, but I'm sure there are people far more knowledgeable than me about this subject in the world.

However, if they're all busy (and with their blessings -- to the forum!), I have no problem doing it.

04 August 2009

Links for July 2009


Review: IDE to SD card adapter @ Mods n Clocks
Perfect to turn an old PC into a server without having to rustle up a hard drive.

Microsoft Yahoo merger - The Denver Post
How can you find more information about the uniting of MS and Yahoo? Why, google it, of course.

Notes 8 performance - beware of realtime virus scanning - lekkimworld.com
Going to have to watch out for this when I finally upgrade to 8.

GV Mobile Available for Free on Cydia - Google Voice - Lifehacker
Apple's starting to piss off people with actual clout, now, apparently.

Creative Zii Egg Plaszma: Android-Wielding iPod Touch - Zii egg plaszma - Gizmodo
This is seriously cool.

Launch loop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Well, we might actually get these before we get space elevators.

Bookmarks Archiver Automatically Cleans Old Bookmarks - Featured Firefox Extension - Lifehacker
Not as neat as CheckPlaces, but still pretty cool.

Official World of Goo Corporation Download Centre
Haven't played this, but I'm amazed they had a Linux client. Pretty neat.

And now, a few words from Carl Sagan : Pharyngula
One of the last interviews Carl Sagan gave.

Strange Horizons Fiction: Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs, by Leonard Richardson
An odd story.

Pro Camera Gear on a Student Budget
Always a good idea.

Conclusion - Review Tom's Hardware : Phenom II 955 Versus Core i7 920: Gaming Value Compared
Yes, Intel is faster, but it's still a better value to get AMD.

Samsung files patent for sweep-wing cellphone keyboard | Boing Boing Gadgets
This is ridiculous.