14 September 2009

Links for Aug 2009 (Mostly)

Haven't had much time to blog lately, but I have been collecting up links of interesting things that I find here and there:

The New 3G Android phone: Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR
My next Android phone.

Once Again, Music Licensing Harms The DVD Release Of A Classic TV Show: The State Goes Generi

This is just sad -- I loved this show way back when.

The latest version of the Evolution email client ever released for MacOSX.

Arcus cloud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Freaky clouds!

Listen for Android Finds and Plays Podcasts, Audio Clips - Podcasts - Lifehacker
Finally, a decent free podcast player/organizer for Android. :P

Nothing is new.

Android Rooting in 1-click (limited time only… until it gets patched)
I did this!  Now running CyanogenMOD 4.0.1.

An interesting read -- aye, getting thin and fit (if you're not, presently) is a complete lifestyle change.

Don't start playing this.  I warned you!

This thing is stylish in a certain kind of way -- it's totally unecessary with today's common household appliances (PC's, laptop's, etc.), but I'd still buy one.

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