09 July 2009

Bookmarked Links for June 2009

Amazon.com: SoundGate iO Series IOBTA35C 3.5 mm Jack Universal Bluetooth Adapter: Electronics
This is just the thing I was needing to use in my car.

10 purchases not to put on credit cards | Marketplace From American Public Media
Well, I'll be damned.

BBC - Glow JavaScript Library
Actually might use this just for fun.

Jake Archibald
Lead web developer for the BBC.

nativeclient - Google Code
Emulating x86 code in a browser?

Open Letter to Apple: Let us Augment Reality with the iPhone! « Games Alfresco
It's true -- Apple better get this done quick or someone else (Android) is going to become the platform of choice.

Gemsta Viva, a SONY VAIO P style notebook | Cloned In China
I'd actually rather have one of these than I would the Sony.

Picasa Web Albums RSS feeds - Picasa Help
I love Picasa, but compared to Flickr it can be a pain in the butt.

13-year-old trades iPod for Walkman, reports on mysterious ancient artifact
Won't be long until the same is true for CD's, too.

Hack: use Google Voice to add visual voicemail to your G1, Dream, or Magic
Still waiting on my invitation to Google Voice.

Recent scenes from the ISS - The Big Picture - Boston.com
This picture of a river valley taken from the ISS almost looks like a creature crawling over the landscape.

CIA Realizes It's Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years | The Onion - America's Finest News
Funny, AND true.

Gizmodo - This iPhone is Freakin' Hilarious - Funniest iphone
This made me laugh out loud at work.

Yahoo! Media Player
Yahoo makes some neat stuff.

Physics discussion ends in skateboard attack
Out of work quantum physicists?

HTC Dream vs. Nokia E71 | SYP
A nice review of the G1 vs. Nokia's best.

career advice blog and podcast - Jobacle.com BLOG - Bored at Work? Play Office BINGO!
Yeah, I printed one of these out.

40Hz: Courier
One of the best web browsers for the old Apple Newton.

toilets.com - Porta-John Systems, Inc.
Your waste matter is being harvested by companies for drug research. Weird, but legal!

Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts
We've all seen this.

Lifehacker - Lifehacker Pack 2009: Our List of Essential Free Mac Downloads - Lifehacker Pack 2009
Anytime you find free Mac application downloads, get them.

A neat food blog I found, about Cheeseburgers in the Chicago area.

Canonical to boost Ubuntu usability by tackling "papercuts" - Ars Technica
A very good idea -- it's the little niggling thing that pisses me off about Ubuntu (but I still use it!).

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