15 October 2008

Adobe Flash Player 10 Released

Adobe Flash Player Download Center - Linux

Well, Flash 10 finally came out today, for all systems, simultaneously (Linux included). Very, very neat.

And, for once, it's actually easier to install this now if you're using Firefox on Linux than if you're using Firefox on Windows...

While the install is easy in Internet Explorer on Windows (in-browser ActiveX installation), on Firefox on Windows you have to download a file, close down your browser, and run the file.

Firefox on Linux? (If you use Ubuntu, which I'm sure you probably do by this point.) Just select the "APT" option, and it installs right from the browser. Very neat.

Even if you don't want to do that, Adobe thankfully included a .DEB file (something a lot of people need to start doing, especially with Ubuntu's success -- simply giving a tarball isn't going to cut it anymore :P).

I look forward to testing the new Flash graphical hardware acceleration, especially under Linux.

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