16 September 2008

Retired Firefox Extensions, Sep 2008

Tabs Open Relative -- A good little extension, but redundant now that TabMixPlus is (somewhat) working in FF3.

Regular Expressions Tester -- Good extension that served me for a long time, but not needed since I found regexpal.com/.

IE Tab -- This extension was all but necessary two years ago, but now that web designers have smartened up, I hardly ever use it anymore. A good extension, though, and one that I used much a while back.

MediaWrap (compatibility layer for IE-only media plugins) -- like IE tab, hardly a use for this anymore, now that the field of web development has improved.


  1. I love IE Tab, it's necessary when browsing the MS class scheduler, if you try to use the FF3 Engine to browse for training locations, the page gets stuck in a loop (because there is an error that FF wont let slide, but IE does)

  2. MS-designed site that doesn't work in Firefox? Imagine that. :P

    I remember when the MSDN used to be like that, but even they've cleaned up their code to the point where it works perfectly in Firefox now.

    IE Tab was great, but I just noticed yesterday that I hadn't had to use it in over half a year! I'd say it's a good thing for the state of web dev, at least.