02 September 2008

Official Google Blog: A fresh take on the browser

Official Google Blog: A fresh take on the browser

Google, I love ya, but please:

#1) Having multiple tabs (each utilizing their own javascript environment) is not "multi-threaded JavaScript." Don't call it that. True multi-threaded JavaScript is the dream of all web developers -- don't tease us.

And I hate to point this out, but the whole multiple processes thing -- wasn't that actually Microsoft's idea, first?

#2) "New Tab Page" with nine easy-access pages -- Opera's Speed Dial.

#3) The "Omnibox" -- Firefox's "Awesome Bar," come on.

That being said first, there are some things I'm really digging:

#1) Thank you for using the Webkit rendering engine. It's an excellent engine that isn't used nearly enough.

#2) I like that browser plugins are going to run on a separate process. This is wonderful.

#3) Integration with Google Gears is neat -- I'm starting to get worried that the API universe for "offline storage" universe is starting to get rather fractered these days. Which one do we use: Google Gears, Firefox 3's built-in storage, Flash storage, Safari databases, etc.? Having Google Gears available to all browsers on all Operating Systems should make things a lot easier for developers.

Either way, I've never had a problem with lots of different types of browsers -- I'm even a beta tester for AT&T's Pogo thingie. As long as the rendering engines aren't radically different, it's easy to program for all.

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