15 August 2008

Pirates give indie game dev an earful

You want to know why? Pirates give indie game dev an earful
"Piracy is a popular excuse for poor-selling PC games, and while the issue is discussed in the gaming press and between developers nearly endlessly, not much changes. The developers and publishers still use annoying forms of DRM, the pirates still crack the games within hours, and people who aren't interested in the status quo are rarely listened to. Cliff Harris, an independent game developer with Positech Games, actually did something about it: he asked the pirates directly why they do what they do."
Aye, but it was a good earful. Try and read the whole response on his blog.

Game developers actually listening to consumers' concerns does work, and I'll tell you why. It's for stuff like this: now that I've heard this guy's views on the matter, I'm actually going to buy this guy's game Democracy 2 now that I've heard about the way he thinks -- it reminds me a lot of an online game called "NationStates" that I play, and it sounds like a blast (for the politically minded -_-').

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