18 June 2008

Unintentional Poetry: "lilliputian trephination"

I'm probably not the first to ever do this, but have you ever looked at the spam you're getting in your email boxes today? Sometimes I do, just for fun -- the spam that's actually received in a GMail account is always very little (their filters are really, really good), so I sometimes take the time out to read through them.

They're always about viagra (or V1A G RA), or watches, or some other silly thing, and over the past few years or so I guess spammers have been trying to pad their spam emails with enough text to make a spam filter sometimes think it's legitimate.

You should try reading them, sometimes -- seriously, sometimes they read like some weird, fucked-up version of a poem.

So, in this vein, I present to you today's example, the poem "lilliputian trephination." (Seriously, the passage of text actually had a title and everything.)

"lilliputian trephination"

by the Internet
Slaveholders signed it,
lincoln's interpretation wheels sank
into the snow the entire body of the ranscomb's daughter.
i know hera truly charming tone,
and miss marple understood
its meaning perfectly.
The evening seemed,
the noise of the horses' hoofs the mountain.
Should the house be taken,
all hopes the stony path.
But there was no need of a torch.
bones of a gigantic animal somekil.


  1. I've heard amateur poets in college that didn't write poetry that well. He/she should publish that stuff and have legions of emo kids follow him.