21 April 2008

Quick WTF

Just a quick WTF -- I've been using a Windows Vista virtual machine on my work computer for a while, and after finally getting ZoneAlarm to install (their Vista version wouldn't work for the longest time in a VM), I've noticed that the Windows Vista "Disk Defragmenter" is constantly trying to connect to the internet.

Can anyone tell me why in the hell a disk defragmenter needs to be connecting to the internet?

(You see, this is the stuff that makes me hate Vista. That and the damn User Access Control. Now, not the nature of the User Access Control, mind you -- it's the same idea of a "sudo" in Linux, and it's a very necessary and acceptable compromise to making a system secure. But why is the Vista one so intrusive? You may find yourself going "sudo" every now and then in a Linux distro like Ubuntu, even when you're working strictly with the GUI, but in Vista it's like every damn two or three minutes.)


  1. Obviously the files that it copied out to the secret MS server need defragging too.m

  2. Hell, who knows! I'm sure a person could make a somewhat rational argument like, maybe it's contacting the Microsoft server to see if it can download the latest "defragging techniques."

    But, if that's the case, why can't it just download that stuff in a regularly-scheduled Windows Update?

  3. Best post title/opening EVAR.