31 March 2008

US Attorney General: Piracy funds terror

Michael Mukasey
US Attorney General: Piracy funds terror

"The Attorney General gives a speech on intellectual property in which piracy and counterfeiting turn out to fund...

(Wait for it...)


Bet you didn't see that one coming."

I'll cut the guy some slack, because, just like Ars said, "he managed to make it through an entire speech on crime and intellectual property without suggesting that noncommercial P2P file-swappers are somehow equivalent to criminal gangs running huge Asian stamping operations."

Though, I personally subtract points from his speech about this new slant on "rooting out hackers long considered untouchable," because instead of addressing China (which, if you've been reading anything about hacking and copyright violations, is probably the worst offender), AG Mukasey decides to talk about... Romania.

Yeah, Romania -- the country that brought us "Numa Numa."
Dragons Whatever Disc Cover

Oh yeah -- I'm totally more concerned about Romania.

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