19 March 2008

Sleep Well, Maestro

Arthur C. Clarke Portrait
Arthur C. Clarke, 90, Science Fiction Writer, Dies - New York Times

I grew up watching re-runs of Mysterious World (along with a healthy serving of Carl Sagan's Nova), and I've always enjoyed reading his books (my favorites: Imperial Earth, the entire Rama series (immensely), 2001, 2010, etc.).

He wrote incredibly hard SF books -- seriously, we're talking about a Tom Clancy-ish level of specific technological know-how and jargon here. Arthur C. Clarke was more than just an accomplished author -- he was an accomplished scientist as well, and that came through in his writing.

What I always liked about his books was the relentless optimism that was always present -- he was someone who really believed that the future would be better, that there'd be no strife, poverty, disease, or war (or at least very little). There's no "bad guys" in his books -- the only confrontation is against the "unknown" (abstractly speaking, duh).

The thing is... and this is a weird thought... I keep wondering if it was (for him at least) just like how it was at the end of the fourth Rama book...

I mean, you can't not think that, can you?

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