16 January 2008

Using "Column Tree" Example in Ext 2.0 with a Domino Server

Didn't know if anyone else had this problem (it may be specific to the way the Domino server I use was set up), but to get the "Column Tree" example to work with our server I had to change a line:

Right after Line 33 of "/examples/tree/column-tree.js", add "requestMethod: 'GET'" -- that's it.

Apparently, my Domino server blows up whenever a JSON file is requested with anything other than a "GET" command. Who know, eh? Either way, it works fine now. I don't know if you might have to do this with all tree panels, but I guess I'll find out as soon as I start workign with them again.

Now, a lot of these examples don't work on a stock Domino server, because they use PHP, but they work on the ExtJS.com site, if you need them.


  1. beta.services8:58 PM

    You Rock.

    I was having the same issue with iis.

  2. hey, glad I could help.