29 January 2008

Ext 2.0 Plugin for Aptana

Just something neat I found via an Aptana forum post at http://forums.aptana.com/ -- just download the file from here [http://orsox.mocis.at/download.php?view.1], unzip it, and copy the .JAR file into your Aptana plugins folder.

Then, just go to ""Window > Preferences", and in that window, just expand Aptana > Editors > JavaScript > Code Assist", and enable the Ext 2.0 option.

It's not perfect, but it's still pretty neat to see Ext methods and properties popping up as suggestions when you're programming. ^_^


  1. i use eclipse with aptna plugin and the option to use ext didn't aprear any idea ?

  2. You've got to use the Ext plugin first!

  3. I've found that using Spket and Aptana together is a bit nicer. You can have Spket directly load in Ext from a jsb file and it does a great job with type-ahead. Jack wrote a blog post not too long ago about this.

  4. Aye, just trying it out right now -- I had added the Spket package earlier on, but had never even enabled it -- I must admit, the Ext completion seems a bit more complete.