02 January 2008

2007 Year-End Roundup

Hmm... let me think. What have I accomplished (programming-wise) over the past year?

1) Using the ExtJS SDK
This is the one that I'm most proud of -- there's no way to fully describe just how much using ExtJS has improved my web applications.

The look of the package is wonderful -- never again will programmers like myself be guilty of delivering a product that works wonderfully but looks like absolute shite. :P

2) Abstracting the Notes/Domino Document Creation on the Web
While I'm still finishing this up, I've managed to almost fully abstract the document creation process for web applications under domino -- no more needing to load a full HTML page to create a document anymore. (This went hand in hand with using ExtJS, since its <form> engine uses XHR almost completely.)

3) "Modularizing" my JavaScript Files
Basically, using OO-programming. :p

I know -- something I should've been doing years ago. However, like most things, you can never truly realize the amazing benefits of something until you've started doing it yourself. (Like brushing your teeth, or using a knife and fork -- stuff like that.)

4) Keeping My Personal Workspace Clean
This is a personal joke for people who know what my workspace looks like. :P

About next year? I shy away from calling anything a "resolution" (from what I've seen, "resolutions" that people make for new years usually always fail), so I'll just say that here are things I'd like to do:

1) Try and remember to take a quick walk around the floor or just stretch my legs every two hours or so -- if you've got a desk job, you should realize how important this is.

2) Ask my team head for another monitor for my station -- seriously, have you ever worked at a workstation with two monitors? The amount of time you save and the increased productivity you get from it is nothing short of astounding.

3) Start releasing more code on the internet for others to use -- I've got tons saved up, if I could only get it looking nice (and not a mess), I'd release it. :P

Here's to a good year.

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