28 February 2007

Six Free Online Storage Services

Six Free Online Storage Services - Extremetech.com

A review of six free online file-storing and sharing sites from Extremetech.com. I've only tried esnips, myself, but if you've tried one you've tried 'em all, pretty much. They're all half-way decent.

Remember -- never put anything on these publicly-hosted file sites that you don't want the world to see! These companies make up the fact that they're giving away storage for free with the fact that everything they obtain is sold to ad companies and data miners.

This could be the end...

It's times like these that I'm glad I don't do anything personal on my work computer -- no personal email, websites, logins, etc.

Our entire network is being hit by a pain-in-the-ass virus -- I've been lucky so far, though I have no idea as to why! It's taken down most of the computers we have.

Not only that, but I've been running the RKUnhooker and it's been finding things... I'm going to download the new version and see what I can find out.

22 February 2007


I've did it -- I've finally made my first completely object-orientated JavaScript function. (It uses the prototype property and everything. Neat, eh?) It's not that I haven't known how until now -- I was just a bit apprehensive about making the leap!

While we're on that subject, check out the jQuery, if you haven't already done so yet. I've talked about this before, but I think I might start using it. It's got the small size feature that I like, like mootools, but unlike mootools, it's got great documentation... They've recently announced a partnership with Jack over at Yui-Ext, so there's probably even more great things to come from this little library.

20 February 2007

Popular Stories - Dell Ideastorm

Popular Stories - Dell Ideastorm

This is pretty neat, though probably just a clever scheme by Dell to pressure Microsoft into lowering their prices. I've heard that companies like Dell do this kind of temporary "open-source embracing" every couple of years to keep Microsoft on their toes.

Oh, what a wicked web we weave.

15 February 2007

Microsoft Defends OOXML After Being Denied ISO Acceptance

Interoperability, Choice and Open XML

Well, looks like Microsoft has finally come out and responded to their OOXML format getting denied ISO acceptance earlier this month.

Seriously -- give it a read.

"ODF is closely tied to OpenOffice and related products..."

Please, Microsoft -- expand upon this. Please tell me how a format, which the OpenOffice group neither controls nor even developed, is closely tied to anything they make. Anyone can use it, anyone can adopt it, and they can do this quickly, without having to learn how to use all the proprietary technologies that Microsoft included in OOXML.

"When ODF was under consideration, Microsoft made no effort to slow down the process because we recognized customers’ interest in the standardization of document formats."

Yeah -- that's why you didn't make an effort to slow it down.

It's definitely not because you really don't view anyone else as a viable competitor, now is it?

13 February 2007

Notes Discrimination

Oh, funny. Ha ha. They're just hilarious, aren't they?

Seriously, what is it with the hatred for Lotus Notes I keep encountering across the web? If it isn't the people on Slashdot continuously badmouthing it, it's sites like PcPitstop -- sites that should know better.

Considering the fact that Lotus Notes is the only thing standing between a complete Microsoft domination of the world (a la Microsoft Exchange Servers), why the hatred for it? Slashdot is full of anti-Microsoft rhetoric -- you'd think they'd be all for Notes.

Remember, Notes-bashers, if you're reading this right now -- every time you bash it, another shop/firm/company goes over to Exchange.

Dim Vista - Forbes.com

Dim Vista - Forbes.com

Wow -- ouch.

Too bad that no matter how many terrible reviews it gets, it'll still be running on 80% of PC's in the world by the year's end.

06 February 2007

Boston Authorities See Own Shadows

Couldn't be more appropriate. I hear the rest of the world is laughing even harder at this than we are.


Sorry -- I've been a bit busy finalizing an application recently.

About that... all I can say is this: always remember to create aliases for your design elements when you begin creating the goddamn thing -- please don't wait until the very end of the life-cycle.

I don't know if it's a bug, a glitch, or what, but when you create an alias for a form element that didn't have one previously in a Notes application, your links to that form will sometimes be broken. This can lead to anomalous displays of weirdness, especially if you've got views with strict selection formulas that reference form names. -_-'