11 October 2007

Techdirt: Patent Reform Battle Descending Into Farce

Techdirt: Patent Reform Battle Descending Into Farce

I haven't been following the attempts to reform the patent system currently going through Congress in America right now, but I know the general gist of things.

I also know how people who don't like it (certain monopolies in all walks of life), like to spew utter garbage because they know the audience reading their tripe probably knows no better:

A recent ad put out in the New York Times by a medical equipment monopoly tried to do this (this is from the article on Techdirt.com about the ad):

"It's absolutely laughable that the ad includes the airplane industry, when the Wright Brothers' patents almost destroyed the US airplane industry by holding back innovation and keeping other more innovative firms out of the market. It took the pressure of World War I and the US gov't to finally get around the stranglehold on airplane innovation."

It's right and proper that the ad makes comparisons to the turn of the last century like it does -- the Trusts of the late 1800's and early 1900's are coming back full force in today's time, but who will be our Teddy Roosevelt today?

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