30 October 2007

Negroponte: Windows key to OLPC philosophy

Negroponte: Windows key to OLPC philosophy | Tech News on ZDNet

"The OLPC's philosophy of openness is behind its decision to allow Microsoft software on the machines, according to Negroponte.

'It would be hard for OLPC to say it was 'open' and then be closed to Microsoft. Open means open,' Negroponte said.

Excuse me? Say what you will, Mr. Negroponte, about excluding Microsoft -- their operating system, Windows, is NOT open. How are you going to remain loyal to the ideals of the OLPC project if you violate the most important one (allowing users to change and customize anything on the device)?

"Open means open?" What definition of "open" are you using?

I'm beginning to think it means "open pockets" -- yeah, great big gaping pockets for Microsoft to throw money into! :P

In all seriousness -- Microsoft is willing to do anything at all possible to prevent the developing world from getting its first taste of computers via Linux.

I've been following this project for more than a year now, watching it mostly go down the tubes. Either it's the production prices doubling, or big greedy companies like Intel and Microsoft finally getting their fingers in the pot -- either way, I'm almost to the point where I no longer care what happens to that little green laptop that I was so enamored with (both its ideals and its design).

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