09 October 2007

Groklaw - Microsoft's Ballmer Reportedly Threatens Red Hat (Again)

Groklaw - Microsoft's Ballmer Reportedly Threatens Red Hat - Updated 2Xs

"That's why we've done the deal we have with Novell, where not only are we working on technical interoperability between Linux and Windows but we've also made sure that we could provide the appropriate, for the appropriate fee Novell customers also get essentially the right to use our patented intellectual property. And I think it's great the way Novell stepped up to kind of say intellectual property matters. People use Red hat, at least with respect to *our* intellectual property in a sense have an obligation to eventually compensate us."

What "patented intellectual property?" Like Groklaw says, that statement means nothing if Microsoft refuses to state exactly what is their "patented intellectual property" -- and that's exactly what they're refusing to do.

As far as I know, "intellectual property" laws require an intellectual property owner (who Microsoft says it is) to notify infringers (who Microsoft claims Linux users are) as to the exact nature of the infringement, so that they may have a chance to remove the infringement in question (which the Linux community would do in days, if not hours). Failure to notify (which Microsoft is definitely failing at, even thought they've been giving plenty of chances) is supposed to render any damage claims moot.

The balls on this man are like basketballs -- it's unfortunate for him that his are filled with a similiar substance.

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