16 October 2007

Custom VMWare Virtual Machines

Well, I just figured out how to make my own custom virtual machines with the VMWare Player yesterday, so I've been taking some time every now and then to take a look at the Release Candidate version of the Ubuntu 7.10, Parallel Knoppix 2.7, Fedora 7, etc.

It takes a little bit of work, seeing as how you've got to create all the text files manually, yourself (I'm guessing that the full version of VMWare Workstation does all that for you), but it's still easy as hell -- took me only 5 minutes to get an Ubuntu virtual machine up and running.

That's another thing... I don't know if it's just the newest version of Ubuntu, or if it's because I've custom-made this virtual machine on my computer (in lieu of downloading a pre-made one from somewhere), but my Ubuntu 7.10 virtual machine is fast. I mean really fast. So fast I thought I was doing something wrong. It starts up in about 20 seconds, and that's in a virtual machine.

But, hey -- I'm not arguing.

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