24 September 2007

The Wild, Wacky World of YJL Technology co.,ltd

YJL Technology co.,ltd

You've gotta see this site to believe it. This Chinese company's complete line or products seems to be almost nothing but direct and very obvious copies of existing American (and in Nokia's case, Finnish) devices.

I mean, we've all seen cheap Chinese copies of things before, but this level of brazenness is unheard of to me!

...not that I blame them, of course. I wouldn't doubt that this company also either makes the "real" iPods for Apple or many of the parts for them. If they're wanting to make a little bit of money on the side by using Apple's schematics, more power to 'em. I heard it's how America got it's leg up in the world back in the 19th century, anyway. (Not that two wrongs make a right of course, but at least we can now relate.)

Most, if not all, small electronic devices are made in China these days, and that gets philosophical types like myself thinking -- given that this cheap copy shares most, if not all, of the real parts of an iPod, how much of a "clone" is it really?

When do these cheap clones stop being clones and start being the real thing, eh?

Correction: it seems as if this company does have a unique product of their own:

Cross MP3 player

Hoo boy. Make of that what you will.

There's even a surreal little video with great American voice over on their "About Us" page -- hey, turns out they're "ISPO9001" certified, whatever the hell that is!!! Get your credit cards ready, folks!

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