07 September 2007

Government backs Trust on iPlayer

BBC NEWS | Technology | Government backs Trust on iPlayer

How the iPlayer even got started as a Windows-only project is beyond me. The BBC is a government entity -- it's not a regular TV station. For it to discriminate in this fashion is almost unforgivable. (I actually participated in this petition, what with me being an expatriate and all.)

If you ask me, this agreement to get the technology to work on all platforms will more than likely lead to the program being scrapped completely. The Windows-only DRM that they planned on using for the iPlayer is so incompatible with Linux it'd need a major technological breakthrough to get it to work.

Well, either they'll just scrap the whole thing, or they'll finally just broadcast it in some DRM-free way to Macs and Linux machines (just accepting the tiny loss of control) -- but that's a lot less likely to happen.

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