19 June 2007

Ubuntu Linux founder says no deal with Microsoft

Ubuntu Linux founder says no deal with Microsoft - Reuters.co.uk

"BOSTON, June 18 (Reuters) - The founder of Ubuntu Linux, a widely used version of the open-source operating system for personal computers, said he is not interested in a business partnership with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research) as the software giant steps up its challenge to open-source software."

Uh, excuse me? Did this reporter even read Mark's blog?

From Mark's own blog:

"I welcome Microsoft’s stated commitment to interoperability between Linux and the Windows world - and believe Ubuntu will benefit fully from any investment made in that regard by Microsoft and its new partners, as that code will no doubt be free software and will no doubt be included in Ubuntu."


"I have no objections to working with Microsoft in ways that further the cause of free software, and I don’t rule out any collaboration with them, in the event that they adopt a position of constructive engagement with the free software community."

What the hell is this? Nowhere did Mark Shuttleworth said that he isn't "interested in a business partnership with Microsoft" -- he only said that he wasn't interested in signing meaningless "indemnification" (read, "protection money") agreements with Microsoft.

Stop jumping up and down, Linux fanboys. This isn't good news. Reporting that Ubuntu is "unwilling to work with Microsoft" does not soften up the upper management levels of businesses (which is who is really important to Linux's adoption).

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