11 June 2007

Safari Beta for Windows

Safari Beta for Windows Download

It's about damn time. Now I can accurately test my web applications without having to worry about them potentially not working on a Mac.

...though it's never really been that much of a problem (if you follow standards it never is), I've often worried that some unique quirk of Safari's KHTML rendering engine would render one of my applications inoperable.

Apple's not lying on their site -- Safari for Windows actually does render pages very fast. It's JavaScript rendering seems to be especially fast -- when rendering heavy-JavaScript pages like those created with the Ext engine, it hardly uses much CPU utilization at all, unlike IE or Firefox (though, I think Firefox's main slowdown these days is Firebug -- it tends to slow down JavaScript-laden pages greatly due to its debugging capabilities).

The main thing I noticed was its extremely fast loading of a Digg article commenting page -- these pages load horrendously slow on IE or Firefox, and Safari seemed to render it, no sweat!

Looks like good things to come!

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