20 March 2007

Winning Against Linux The Smart Way

Winning Against Linux The Smart Way

In case you don't notice, this was made by Microsoft. It's so nice to know that they've figured out how to classify Linux users into five, easy-to-market-to categories.

Good luck trying to show how Linux has a higher TCO than Windows to anyone who knows what they're talking about, boys.


In the rapid response to this site, one user on Slashdot posted his five "typical" Windows users to market for, and I thought they were so good I just had to post them here:

1. The Gamer - Windows is a requirement to play most games, so it's the default OS of choice.

2. Your Parents - they don't really know much about computers and will use whatever the computer they bought came with.

3. Market Follower - M$ bitches.

4. The Windows Enthusiast - these people are extremely rare. They actively believe that M$ products are superior to anything else out there and believe that if something is free, there must be something wrong with it.

5. Scientists, Engineers, Professionals - use Windows due to vital software existing only on that platform.

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