16 March 2007

Redesigned Ubuntu Site!

Redesigned Ubuntu Site - Ubuntu.com
Looks like Ubuntu up and redesigned their site without me knowing about it! I haven't yet passed judgement. Some of the stuff about it I like (like the much, much, much improved download feature), some of the stuff I don't (like the absence of the "happy asian tech support guy" who was always in the side bar).

The new download page, like I said, is a vast improvement, though they still need to get rid of the mirror selection menu! People don't want to bother with that, and the sight of that big long list with all of those options from tons of different countries and weird-sounding colleges could potentially turn people off.

Make it automatic! Many websites already have automatic mirror selection based upon geographic location -- I don't see why Ubuntu.com couldn't implement the same thing!

We linux users have to stop assuming that people are going to already know what a "mirror" is or how to use one -- intellectual superiority like that is one of the main reasons why linux hasn't caught on more.

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