04 January 2007


I'm at a loss.

Say, if I did want to adopt a framework, which one would I choose?

The YUI package from Yahoo looks great and has tons of support...

...but the Dojo framework seems more "powerful" (call me crazy, but it does), and is sponsored by IBM.

I've got both libraries, but haven't really tinkered with them much. (I was planning on waiting until I was done with a few Notes applications I was working on right now). This'll be a big decision, as it will mold what my future web applications will look like, and once I've invested lots of time and code in one framework, it'll be too late to switch!

Well, at least that's the way that I feel. To tell you the truth, these new JavaScript libraries make it so easy, I almost feel like I could plug and play with them at will. I'll have to see.


  1. Have you considered Prototype ?

  2. oh yeah -- I've definitely considered it (it's actually what I'm planning on using on my personal sites). However, I've ruled it out in a professional setting because it's far too spartan -- though I'll agree that it's powerful, its documentation is sorely lacking, and it just seems to me like it'd take a LOT longer to get anything made than it would with the YUI or Dojo.

    I've got to create code that'll be worked on by people with less knowledge in JavaScript than me, and the extremely simple stuff that I've seen done with YUI or Dojo seems ideal.

    But hell, I've never really used any of these frameworks, so who knows what time will tell.

  3. I there,

    I do not know about Dojo but as a YUI user, I must say this library is dead simple to use and quite powerful.

    For me, the advantages of this library are:

    - its modularity
    - the Yahoo! support (and tools)
    - the complete OO of the framework
    - its simplicity

    Here are the weakness I can think about:

    - using namespaces can lead to very (very!!) long lines of code.
    - its is quite hard to generate your own documentation properly (you have to stick to strange rules that are hard to find)
    -even with the YUI compressor it can take a while to load the framework

    let us know about your experience.

  4. Wow -- been a while since I wrote this post! but, to answer your question -- I liked YUI, even started using ExtJS which was based on it (and used to be called YUI-EXT).

  5. Anonymous9:52 AM

    What did you end up with?

    I have the exact same problem

  6. Anonymous4:43 AM

    I'm going to plan to make an application with Zend Framework. So Dojo is intergrated in Zend Framework. I'll use Dojo to work with Zend Framework in my AJAX application.