09 January 2007

iPhone redux.

Okay, I keed, I keed.

It's beautiful. Really, it is.

I'm no Apple fanatic, even though I grew up using Macs in the 80's (my first three computers were one) and created my first logic programs on them. The direction the company went in the early 90's just rubbed me (and a lot of other Apple users) in the wrong direction.

The macs of that age were dull, boring, and uninteresting, not to mention incredibly expensive... yep, if it wasn't the dreary direction the company was going that was putting Mac users like myself off, it was the price of their computers (and the associated peripherals). During this time, Mac's were (ironically enough) getting so proprietary with their connections and programs that they were effectively designing themselves into extinction.

The iMac's arrival, back in the very late 90's, did away with all those problems -- it was exciting, it was powerful, it was inexpensive, and with its adoption of USB, it was finally compatible.

Flash forward to today -- Apple Computer is now just Apple, the vast majority of products they're known for aren't even computers, and the computers they do sell run on Intel chips!

And now, they've created a product that's so amazing that I wanted one immediately as soon as I heard of it...

...until I saw the price tag.

...and the "Cingular" logo in the upper left hand corner.

The price tag I can understand, though it does put if safely out of my purchasing range.

...but the carrier branding? Why did Apple have to make a deal with any one provider? So many people are in contracts with their current providers -- they can't just grab up an iPhone when they want to, like they could with an iPod.

Is it just common sense in America's highly-fractured, mafia-style cell phone environment, where phone manufacturers pretty much have to make deals with network providers to make sure that their phones will work?

Or, were cell phone providers climbing over one another to be the first to make a deal with the iPhone (knowing that it would sell amazingly well), and Apple is merely starting to let greed control its actions?

Only time will tell.

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