24 January 2007

[DOM ELEMENT].disabled in IE?

Has anyone else found that you can set a phantom "disabled" attribute to odd things in IE? I was playing around with a checkbox-controlled DOM element "hider" (a script that hides an element depending upon the checked status of a checkbox), and I noticed that when I turned on my "enable disabled" option (instead of hiding the element, just sets its "disabled" status to true when you un-check the checkbox) for a handler that controlled a DIV tag, the element gained a sort of "disabled" status in IE when you un-checked its corresponding checkbox... I could still see the DIV's contents, but I couldn't affect them in any way.

Of course, Mozilla did not recreate this odd behavior. I wonder what other DOM objects Microsoft has deemed necessary to have a "disabled" attribute (an attribute that I thought only INPUT tags could have)?

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